Brass Dragon Statue 24"

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Statue Details

Materials: Indonesian Brass
Total Height: 11 inches
Width & Depth: 24 x 4 inches
Weight: 5 pounds
  • Dragons symbolic of being lucky, propitious, powerful
  • Legend tells a carp once saw a mountain and wanted to visit it. The determined fish swam upstream, over waterfalls and through rapids to reach the mountain top where there was a mythical Dragon Gate, successfully leaped over it and became a dragon.
  • Eastern dragons are strongly associated with moving water such as rivers, oceans and waterfalls. They are known as the lords of moving water.
  • Dragons symbolize many other things: Goodness, Greatness, Blessings, Spiritual Power, Excellence, Perseverance, Heroism, Boldness, Divinity, Nobility, Optimism, Energy, Intelligence and Life energy
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