Green Tara Thangka Painting

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Thangka Description

Material: Hand painted in Nepal by Tibetan artisans on canvas with Silk brocade

Painting L x H: 8.5 x 11.5 inches

Scroll L x H: 19.5 Widest x 28.5 inches

  • Green Tara is the Female Buddha of Active Compassion
  • The Goddess Green Tara is a gentle female embodiment of universal compassion
  • Green Tara represents the virtuous, enlightened, and miraculous activity of all Buddhas
  • Tara was born from the compassionate tears of Avalokiteshvara (the Buddha of Compassion)
  • She reaches out her hand in the gesture (mudra) of granting protection, freeing one from fear, obstacles, and difficulties
  • With her right foot stepping forward, she is alert, determined and ready to actively help all who call upon her                         

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