Samantabhadra Buddha Thangka

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Thangka Description

Material: Hand painted in Nepal by Tibetan artisans on Cotton Canvas with Silk Brocade

Painting L x H: 15 x 19 inches

Scroll L x H:  27.5 x 43 inches

  • The Primordial Buddha, representing the Dharmakaya (truth body of enlightenment) according to the Nyingma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
  • He is the light blue color of the sky representing the pure state of the mind which is vast and empty, while still including all of existence. She is white, representing pure mental clarity
  • He is blue in color, naked, having Buddha appearance, with the hands in meditation gesture and the legs in full lotus posture. He embraces his consort Samantabhadri. She is light coloured and also naked symbolizing their pure nature and virtue
  • Samantabhadra in Sanskrit, means ‘always good', ‘always well’ or ‘unchanging goodness.’ The significance is that unchanging or fundamental goodness is our ultimate nature
  • “Samantabhadra is not subject to limits of time, place, or physical conditions. Samantabhadra is not a colored being with two eyes, etc. Samantabhadra is the unity of awareness and emptiness, the unity of appearances and emptiness, the nature of mind, natural clarity with unceasing compassion - that is Samantabhadra from the very beginning”
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