Wheel Of Life Thangka Painting

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Thangka Description

Material: Hand painted in Nepal on Cotton Canvas with Silk brocade Frame

Painting L x H: 10 x 13 inches

Brocade L x H: 30 at widest x 32 inches

  • The Bhavachakra, the Wheel of Life or Wheel of Becoming, is a mandala or complex picture representing the Buddhist view of the universe
  • The fierce being holding the wheel represents impermanence; this symbolizes that the entire process of samsara or cyclic existence is impermanent, transient, constantly changing

  • The moon above the wheel indicates liberation. The Buddha is pointing to the moon, indicating that liberation from samsara is possible

  • To Buddhists, existence is a cycle of life, death, rebirth and suffering that they seek to escape altogether

  • The circular composition guides the viewer from picture to picture along a path
  • From the outermost circle are the 12 interwoven causes and consequences to rebirth in the so-called six realms of existence
  • The meaning of this painting is to show the way out of these worlds of suffering into the beyond (nirvana)
  • In the smallest circle at the center a pig, snake, and rooster symbolize the three poisons of ignorance, anger, and lust or desire
  • In the narrow circle around that depicts the circle of karma as humans descending to a demon-like state or ascending to their Buddha like nature
  • The six main segments of the wheel are the six realms of existence. The upper half are the relatively happier realm of the gods, the asuras or demigods, and the human realm. The lower half are the realms of the animals, pretas or hungy ghosts, and lastly the torturous hell realm
  • The last ring surrounding images represent the twelve links of dependent origination: ignorance, karma, rebirth-consciousness, mind & matter, six senses, physical contact, feeling or sensation, desire or craving, clinging & attachment, action or becoming, birth, and ultimately death
  • The Buddhas sit at the top, pointing the way to escape the cycle, and realize true Buddha nature of all things beyond this wheel or cycle of samsara
  • Often painted on the exterior walls of Buddhist monasteries, The Wheel of Life can be considered the very essence of the Buddhist philosophy as it offers insights into some of its most important concept
  • It depicts and explains the cyclic nature of re-incarnation and the different aspects of our perceived reality
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Ships from California
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Ships from California
20+ Years in Service
Handmade & Ethical