Dhyana Meditation Buddha Statue 24"

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Statue Details
Materials: Cement with Resin, made in Bali
Total Height Including Base: 24 inches
Base Width & Depth: 22 x 14 inches
Weight: Approximately 28 pounds
  • This Buddha is seated in the Padmasana or full lotus leg position with body correctly upright in deep meditation posture 
  • He is wearing a white robe which drapes across one shoulder and flows in appealing parallel lines across the body of Lord Buddha
  • This Buddha is seated in dhyana mudra of meditation with hands gracefully resting on his lap
  • Eyes downcast in lovely deep meditative gaze
  • Has a protuberance or ushnisha on top chakra energy center of head which signifies awakened state of consciousness
  • Ships direct from our California showroom, allow 1-2 days for packing