Wood Earth Touching Buddha Statue 18"

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Statue Details

Materials: Indonesian Suar Wood Hand Carved in Bali, Indonesia
Total Height Including Base: 18 inches
Base Width & Depth: 13 x 7 inches
Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • The Buddha is seated in the Ardha Padmasana or half lotus leg position
  • His right hand is touching his right knee pointing downward towards the earth
  • This earth touching or "earth witness" Buddha is one of the most common iconic images of Buddhism
  • This earth touching pose, or bhumisparsha mudra, represents the Buddha asking the mother earth that she witness his enlightenment
  • His pose is a symbol of his awakening and also represents the victory of the Buddha over Mara, a demon who represents all defilement of the mind and body
  • This statue is hand carved from one block of solid Suar wood and is completely one of a kind
  • The talented artisan who carved this used the texture of the wood to incorporate into the carving giving it a wonderful two tone look with the lighter wood around the edges
  • The Buddha ships from our California showroom