Avalokiteshvara Thangka Painting

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Thangka Description

Material: Hand painted in Nepal by Tibetan artisans on Cotton Canvas with Silk Brocade

Painting L x H: 18 x 26 inches

Scroll L x H:  34 x 52 inches

  • Bodhisattva who embodies the mercy and compassion of all Buddhas
  • After attaining buddhahood, he voluntarily returned to the way of a bodhisattva in order to lead all beings to buddhahood
  • Avalokiteshvara is considered the manifestation of the selfless, unconditional compassion of the buddhas
  • Eleven-headed Avalokiteshvara radiates laser-like focused energy

  • Has as a thousand arms, a thousand eyes (in his open palms), and eleven heads
  • His thousand arms are a token expression of the patience and fortitude essential to the bodhisattva vow
  • Brilliant sunset color background gives this stunning Buddha of Compassion a radiant dawn energy
  • Ships from our California gallery