Brass Dancing Krishna On Kaliya Serpent 26"

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Statue Details
Materials: Indonesian Brass Hand Made in Bali, Indonesia
Total Height Including Base: 26 inches
Widest Point: 13 inches
Base Width & Depth: 8 x 8 inches
Weight: 15 pounds
  • This Balinese Krishna is dancing on and taming the fierce five headed serpent Kaliya
  • This Kaliya Krishna is stylized in esoteric fashion with multiple arms holding sacred objects in each of his ten hands including vajra and bell, wisk and noose, mala beads and discus, sacred dagger and water vessel 
  • Kaliya in Hindu traditions, was a poisonous Nāga living in the Yamunā river, in Vṛndāvana, the water of the Yamunā all around was poisonous
  • The taming of Kaliya is one of the Vṛndāvana pastimes of Krishna. Kaliya represents cunning and malice, the embodiment of unrelenting cruelty
  • Kaliya with its numerous hoods also symbolises the numerous desires we have. When one desire gets fulfilled, another arises, like the new hoods of Kaliya. The hoods keep breaking and forming, but Krishna is unfazed
  • Kaliya questions Krishna: “O Lord! You are the Creator. You have created venomous snakes like me; you have also created gods who drink nectar. What is my fault in this? I am poisonous because nature has made me so.” The Srimad Bhagvatam says that on hearing this, Krishna falls silent
  • Krishna as the embodiment of wisdom accepted Kaliya’s words of discrimination. He replies: “Alright, I shall not kill you, but please leave this place. You are causing distress to many. My nature is to shower bliss and your acts are an obstruction to that,” and he spares Kaliya’s life. He does not kill him or snatch his venom from him, but asks him to go to another place, where perhaps he would learn to use venom only when absolutely necessary, in self-defence
  • Krishna's face is in a blissful meditative gaze as he hops on the head of the dangerous serpent
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