Brass Thai Standing Buddha Statue with Alms Bowl 28"

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Statue Details
Materials: Thai Brass Cast in Bangkok, Thailand
Total Height Including Base: 28 inches
Widest Point: 9.5 inches
Base Diameter: 5.5 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
  • The Uttong style Thai Buddha statue is standing on a lotus
  • He is holding an alms bowl in both hands, and the fingers are gracefully coddling it
  • This statue is a symbol of compassion and caring for all beings
  • The Buddha stands in deep meditative gaze and has a finial flame emanating from the top chakra of his head
  • His robes are simple, without any creases and form to his body outlining it & giving the sculpture a simple, elegant look
  • The antique greenish amber of the Buddha's patina add to it's appeal