Brass Vitarka Gandhara Buddha Statue 14"

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Materials: Thai Brass Cast in Bangkok
Total Height Including Base: 14 inches
Base Width & Depth: 11.25 x 6.5 inches
Weight: 13 pounds
  • Overall the image is very expressive and calmness remains the center point of attraction in Gandhara style of Buddha
  • Gandhara sculptors made images of Lord Buddha in a Greco-Roman style, which is why this Buddhas appears to have a stylistic similarity to some Greek and Roman statues 
  • Gandhara art style of Buddhist visual art developed in what is now northwestern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan between the 1st century bce and the 7th century ce as the area was a crossroads at the time of cultural influences and the site of the first Buddha images in world history
  • His right hand is held up in the Vitarka mudra hand position which denotes teaching and discussion, also spiritual unity
  • The Buddha's face exudes serenity, calmness and contentedness and he has expressive chiseled facial features
  • He shows a hint of a slight smile on the face
  • He sits on a wonderful double lotus throne
  • His toga-like robes hang in deep, symmetrically looped graceful folds
  • The arrangement of the hair is also neatly delineated and his hair is wound into a bun on the top of his head
  • The Gandhara style is a recognized and popular style of Buddha image from history renowned by collectors the world over
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