Glass & Teak Terrarium Vase Sculpture 31"

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Sculpture Details

Materials: Handblown Glass set on Reclaimed Teak Wood
Height: 31 Inches
L x W: 17 Inches x 12 Inches 
Bowl Mouth Diameter: 4.5 Inches  
Weight: 55 lbs.                                              
  • Organic tabletop art sculpture adds natural intrigue to any room and can be viewed differently from all sides
  • Perfect DIY decorative gift item: create a terrarium, use as a fish bowl, vase for cut flowers, add colorful sand, stones, sea shells, candles etc.
  • Completely one of a kind sculpture, no two exactly alike
  • Hand blown by Balinese glass blower artisans, the glass is set onto the wood while the glass is still molten
  • Unique glass shape forms in the bottom of each vessel as the molten glass drapes & it takes on the natural shape of the wood
  • Sustainable reclaimed / repurposed teak wood
  • The glass is removable for easy cleaning & use
  • Ships from our California showroom