White Tara Thangka Painting

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Thangka Description

Material: Hand painted in Nepal by Tibetan artisans on canvas with Silk brocade

Painting L x H: 8.5 x 11.5 inches

Scroll L x H: 20 Widest x 29 inches

  • Known as the Goddess of Compassion, White Tara is considered "Mother of All Buddhas"
  • Her left hand is in the protective, no fear mudra, and her right-hand makes the compassion and wish-granting mudra
  • Seated on a lotus and with eyes on her hand and feet, as well as a third eye on her forehead
  • She can grant a long life if one is devoted to the pursuit of truth and universal compassion
  • As one of the three deities of long life, White Tara is associated with longevity
  • White Tara counteracts illness and thereby helps to bring about a long life
  • She embodies the motivation that is compassion and is said to be as white and radiant as the moon
  • White Tara is called "the Goddess of Seven Eyes" because, in addition to the third eye, she is also depicted with eyes in her hands and feet. This represents White Tara seeing all human suffering, as well as encourages the devotee to develop vigilance and sensitivity to the energy in and around them

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