Wood Meditation Buddha Statue 20"

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Materials: Suar Wood (Samanea Saman) hand carved in Bali
Total Height Including Base: 20 inches
Base Width & Depth: 15 x 8 inches
Weight: 16 pounds
  • This beautiful statue shows Buddha in a deep state of meditation
  • The serene Buddha statue rests with both hands in his lap in a peaceful meditative gaze
  • He has an urna, or third eye, in the center of his brow which symbolizes vision into the divine world or his ability to see past our mundane universe of suffering
  • The pose in which Buddha sits is traditionally known as dhyana mudra of meditation 
  • The statue has a serene and peaceful face that exudes contemplative stillness
  • Hand carved by a skilled Balinese artisan
  • Ships the same day from our California showroom