Brass Earth Witness Buddha Statue 30"

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Statue Details

Materials: Thai Brass
Total Height Including Base: 30 inches
Base Width & Depth: 19.5 x 11 inches
Widest point: 20 inches
Weight: 45 pounds

  • He has a small band between the hairline and forehead, characteristic of the Thai U-thong style
  • His robe is draped with a long flap from the left shoulder ending in a straight line
  • Fingers are lengthened in a meaningful way to exaggerate the importance of the earth touching pose
  • His hair is rising in tight curls to a domed ushnisha knowledge bump and a lovely flaming finial at the apex
  • The U thong hairstyle is in small, somewhat-spiky curls
  • Seated on a unique royal barge shaped base designed with intricate patterns
  • He is in the "earth witness" hand gesture which depicts the Buddha sitting in meditation with his left hand palm upright in his lap, and his right hand touching the earth
  • Mara, the Tempter, asks who will stand as witness to his right to gain Enlightenment. Buddha reaches down and touches the Earth as he says, “The Earth is my witness.”
  • Represents the Buddha at the moment of enlightenment
  • The enlightenment of the Buddha, realized through his own effort, was confirmed by the mother earth in this pose
  • He is seated in the half lotus leg position
  • He has a beautiful verdigris patina on the hand crafted brass
  • This exact one of a kind sculpture you see is what you will receive with your order
  • Ships from our California gallery

Ships from California
20+ Years in Service
Handmade & Ethical
Ships from California
20+ Years in Service
Handmade & Ethical