About Us

Routes Gallery is a quality conscious company that specializes in Buddhist and Hindu sacred sculpture, Asian art and decor.

Your personal trade route to the sacred arts of Asia, supporting artists and craftspeople along with centuries old traditions. We meet and talk with the artisans to look at every piece with them. By inspecting each and every detail, we can be sure we are providing you the best quality. We are also creating sustainable relationships to help continually bring you only the finest works.

Our mission is to bring you the rare, the unusual and the extraordinary to your garden and home. We aspire to feature objects that reflect a sacred style, the wonder and simple beauty of life in balance with nature. We invite you to come discover with us the subtle beauty and grace of Asian artistry and decor. With a passion for the cultural arts of the area, we hope to be able to share some of its beauty and aesthetic value with you.

At Routes Gallery we believe your home is your temple. Allow us to help you make it a sacred space where you can feel comfort, joy, and peace.