7 Days Buddhas Shadowbox Shrine 11.5"

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Shadowbox Details
Materials: Thai Wood & Brass
Height: 6 inches
Width & Depth: 11.5 x 2 inches
Weight: 2 lbs
  • Buddhas in postures that represent each day of the week
  • The Buddhas represent different days of the week beginning with the Sunday Buddha
  • There are two images for Wednesday, one for evening & one for night
  • In Thailand people pay particular attention to the Buddha image which corresponds to the day they were born
  • The Buddhas in this small shrine are a reproduction of the shrines to the 7 days Buddhas you commonly find near the entrance in Thai Buddhist temples
  • In Thai Temples these are typically the first Buddha images people pray to, each individual will usually pray to the Buddha image which corresponds to the day you were born
  • The image is made on a red background, an auspicious color with a Bodhi leaf behind the Tuesday paranirvana Buddha, and a gold leaf similar to those put on Buddha images in Thai temples as offerings behind the Thursday meditation Buddha image
  • The work of a skilled Thai artisan
  • Ships from our California