Brass Hanuman Statue Holding Club 7"

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Statue Details
Materials: Indian Brass
Total Height Including Base: 7 inches
Base Width & Depth: 5 x 3.25 inches
Weight: 4 pounds
  • Hanuman is one of the heroes of the Ramayana saga and is known for his bravery, loyalty and fierce friendship with Lord Rama, a Hindu god of Protection
  • He is considered the living embodiment of the Karma Yogi, someone whose meditation and devotion are demonstrated through hard work and service
  • Hanuman is seated in a meditative posture with his right hand held up in the abhaya mudra of fearlessness
  • His weapon the Gada mallet or blunt mace is resting on his shoulder
  • He has a radiant siraschakra halo behind his head
  • Hanuman makes negative energies disappear, and important work to be accomplished
  • Ships from our California gallery