Brass Thai Earth Witness Buddha Statue 20"

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Statue Details
Materials: Thai Brass Cast in Bangkok, Thailand
Total Height Including Base: 20 inches
Base Width & Depth: 12 x 6 inches
Weight: 25 pounds

  • This beautiful Thai U-Thong style Buddha statue is in the bhumisparsha or earth touching gesture with his right hand extended towards the ground and his left hand resting in his lap in the dhyana mudra of meditation
  • The Buddha has a smiling face, downcast eyes in deep concentration and long earlobes that frame both sides of his face
  • There is the image of a flower used as offerings to the Buddha in the palm of his upturned hand
  • He is seated in the ardapadmasana or the half lotus position with his right leg over his left
  • This exact piece ships from our California showroom