Stone Dyhana Meditation Buddha Statue 36"

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Statue Details
Materials: Indonesian Lava Stone, Hand Carved
Total Height Including Base: 36 inches
Base Width & Depth: 24 inches X 20 inches
Weight: Approximately 350 pounds
  • This beautiful garden Buddha has a robe covering one shoulder with fold lines that flow in a symetric balanced pattern
  • The Buddha is seated in the padmasana or full lotus position which is typical of the Buddha in a serene state of mind while meditating in the dhyana mudra
  • His eyes are slightly downcast in deep samadhi, a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. Samadhi is one such state of mind where a person can heal the Karmas of their life
  • He is a polished dark color with light gray hints that contrast strikingly and bring out the lines and detail of the sculpture
  • Perfect Buddha for a yoga or meditation space, home or garden
  • He is carved from one piece of lava stone, completely one of a kind and perfect for the garden in any weather extreme
  • The Buddha ships directly to you from our California gallery. Allow time for packing

Ships from California
20+ Years in Service
Handmade & Ethical
Ships from California
20+ Years in Service
Handmade & Ethical