Stone Seated Ganesh 11"

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Statue Details
Materials: Cast Stone, Hand made in Indonesia
Total Height Including Base: 11 inches
Base Circumference: 8.5 inches
Weight: 26 pounds
  • Ganesh is the Hindu Diety of wealth and success, and the "remover of all obstacles"
  • The elephant headed Ganesh holds an ax to cut through false reality and a fly whisk to wake you up from delusion in his top right and left hands
  • His right hand is up in the abhaya mudra symbolizing protection and fearlessness
  • He holds a bowl with sweet snacks in his right hand and is eating from it with his tusk
  • A cobra symbolizing his father Lord Shiva forms a Brahmin's thread that stretches across his chest
  • On the backside of this Ganesh is the amazing carving of Mahakala or "great time"
  • Truly a wonderful Ganesh. Perfect for bringing the energy of "new beginnings" into any setting
  • This Ganesh statue ships from our California gallery