Wood Buddha Sculpture in Vitarka Mudra 45"

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Statue Details
Materials: Indonesian Suar Wood Hand Carved in Bali, Indonesia
Total Height Including Base: 45 inches
Base Width & Depth: 20 x 9 inches
Weight: 80 pounds
  • This stunning Buddha statue is seated on a lotus base in the lalitasana or "royal ease" pose with one leg up and one leg down
  • He is seated on an impressive layered lotus paddy throne, and his two feet rest comfortably on lotus flowers
  • Hie is shown in the Vitarka mudra of teaching and peaceful discussion
  • He is surrounded by intricate floral motif carvings and a blooming floral sirischakra or aureole behind his head
  • This statue emanates peace and serenity!
  • The natural multi-tone quality of the wood adds to its beauty
  • This is a one of a kind statue carved entirely from one piece of suar wood by a master carver
  • Ships from our California showroom