Buddha Face Painting

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Painting Details
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas with Lace Overlay, made in Bali
Width & Height: 39 x 47 inches
  • Talented Balinese artist put Ceremonial Lace over Canvas then paints the face of Lord Buddha over that with Acrylic, contrasting wonderfully with the black background
  • The painting is done on lace placed over the canvas giving it a stunning floral motif texture
  • The artist depicts the face of the Buddha in deep meditative gaze
  • He has a urna, or third eye center, on his forehead symbolizing vision into the divine world and ability to see past our mundane universe of suffering
  • Beautiful three dimensional depiction of the graceful form of Lord Buddha's face
  • Original one of a kind painting
  • This exact painting ships from our California gallery