Seated Stone Meditation Buddha Statue 40"

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Materials: Stone, Hand Carved Indonesian Lava Stone from Java
Total Height Including Base: 40 inches 
Base Width & Depth: 24 x 17 inches
Weight: Approximately 350 pounds
  • The garden Buddha is seated on a floral lotus base in the padmasana seated position with the soles of his feet facing upward with his hands folded in his lap in the dhyana mudra of peaceful vipassana meditation
  • He has a third eye or urna on his forehead which denotes a higher level of awakened consciousness
  • He wears full brocade winter robes and a string of mala beads around his neck
  • He is hand carved from one piece of lava stone and completely one of a kind and perfect indoors or outside 
  • Ships from our California showroom, allow time for crating