Stone Devi Tara Goddess Head Bust 42"

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Statue Details
Materials: Stone, Hand Carved Indonesian Lava Stone from Java
Total Height Including Base: 42 inches
Base Width & Depth: 27 x 16 inches
Weight: Approximately 650 pounds
  • Beautiful stone goddess head emanates rustic feminine beauty and charm!
  • Devi Tara is very popular in Bali with statues like this one adorning gardens, pools and hotels throughout the island
  • A budding lotus sits over her left shoulder, symbolizing her compassion and her spiritual purity
  • She wears a wonderfully decorated  three-tier headdress, earrings, multiple necklaces and a tear shaped third eye chakra marking on her forehead
  • Hand carved from a single piece of lava stone, you will receive this exact statue
  • Ships direct from our California garden emporium