Shan Earth Touching Buddha 23"

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Statue Details

Materials: Thai Bronze
Total Height Including Base: 23 inches
Base Width & Depth: 10 x 6 inches
Weight: 23 pounds
  • The Shan, form one section of the large ethnic group which is now believed to have spread from Southeast China through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Assam
  • Seated In the Bhumisparsha mudra or the earth touching gesture
  • His fingers are elongated in way that accentuates his "calling the mother earth to witness" enlightenment gesture
  • Lord Buddha at the moment of calling mother earth to witness his awakening
  • The first Shan Buddha images that were found date back only to the 17th century
  • Shan style is characterized by a triangular face with a broad forehead, eyebrows arched high over narrowly opened eyes, a pointed nose with triangular nostrils, pursed thin lips, large and elongated ears, and short neck
  • Fabulously tall finial with flamboyant ear flanges
  • Elaborate high lotus throne
  • This exact sculpture you see is what you will receive with your order
  • Ships from our California gallery

Ships from California
20+ Years in Service
Handmade & Ethical
Ships from California
20+ Years in Service
Handmade & Ethical