Wood Standing Abhaya Buddha Sculpture 68"

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Statue Details
Materials: Gilt Wood with Glass Mosaic, hand crafted in Thailand
Total Height Including Base: 68 inches 
Widest Point: 17 inches
Base Diameter: 12" x 12"
Weight: 55 pounds
  • This lovely handcrafted Buddha statue stands on a simple lotus base
  • His right hand is in the abhaya mudra, also known as the fearlessness protection gesture
  • His left is in the the varada mudra, the gesture of charity also known as the boon granting, wish-fulfilling or generosity hand position
  • Temple quality Buddha with a peaceful gaze and stunning meditative presence!
  • Hand carved and gold leaf gilt with glass inlay embellishment by very talented Thai artisans
  • This Buddha is handcrafted and one of a kind, ships direct from our California showroom. Allow 1-2 days for packing.