Wood Standing Thai Buddha Statue 73"

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Statue Details
Materials: Wood with Glass Mosaic hand crafted in Thailand
Total Height Including Base: 73 inches
Base Diameter: 12" x 12" x 8"
Weight: 65 pounds
  • This delightful rustic standing Buddha statue is gilt with gold leaf and is in the classic Sukhothai style
  • The Sukhothai style of sculpture is very distinctive, with smooth long limbs, an oval face and smooth modelling of clothing
  • The right arm is shown bent at the elbow and the wrist, with the palm facing outwards and the fingers pointing upwards in the Abhaya Mudra
  • The abhaya gesture is symbolic of the Buddha either displaying fearlessness in the face of adversity, or inviting others to fearlessness. It is also said to quell bad energy and is a gesture of protection
  • Sinuous curves and cylindrical forms of the Sukhothai style Buddha image create a flowing boneless and weightless elegance to the image
  • He is hand crafted and completely one of a kind, you will receive this exact statue with your order

Ships from California
20+ Years in Service
Handmade & Ethical
Ships from California
20+ Years in Service
Handmade & Ethical