Wood Standing Wish Granting Buddha 81"

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Statue Details
Materials: Painted & Gilt Wood with mirrored glass Inlay, made in Thailand
Total Height Including Base: 81 inches
Black Base Width x Depth x Height :  14 x 14 x 8 inches
Widest Point: 16"
Weight: 70 pounds
  • The Buddha stands on an ornately decorated base
  • Both his hands are in the varada or wish-fulfilling mudra of generosity, also known as the Boon Granting mudra
  • This mudra also represents the Buddha giving blessings and offering his teachings to the world
  • He is wearing a decorative robe and stands on an intricately stylized throne base
  • The robe and base are covered with stunning raised decorative reliefs and glass inlay work
  • He has a budding lotus finial emanating from his cranial protuberance, both signifying his awakened state of consciousness
  • A stunning art work and sculpture perfect for your home or yoga meditation space
  • Ships from our California gallery